About Us

If I would like to remember when my first contacts with art and photography occurred, then I need to return very far back in time, in my high school days. First contacts were made with magazines like French "Photo" and of course National Geographic, as well as with a few books related to modern art.


Shortly after that period, I've borrowed from my father's friend - photo journalist, one 35mm Pentax camera, spent all my pocket money on Ilford and Kodak films, and made my first photos.

During my University studies on Faculty of Electrical Engineering (btw I'm IT business professional with more than 20 years of experience), I was returning occasionally to photography, playing with several analog cameras like Yashica, Konica and Olympus. Luckily, almost all negatives from that 10+ years period were saved and some of them later were digitally scanned and edited before printing for family album. With arrival of digital era, thanks to friend of mine which worked as technician in Nikon, I've bought first 5 MPix Coolpix digital camera. And so on, after that as next ones arrived a few Nikon's, followed by Canon and currently with Sony (with various lenses, including Sigma and Zeiss).

Some time ago, during one of the tourist trips I "accidentally" discovered Lumas photo gallery. Absolutely impressed by what I saw inside, in association with KRart I've decided to initiate small family start-up and open online photo art gallery. The idea behind was very (or maybe not so) simple - to try to gather local photo amateurs and semi-professionals (academy artists, painters, designers, art historians, students),  in general photo enthusiasts and lovers and to offer their art work in best possible quality from technical perspective and with reasonable and fair prices.

Our primary and most important aim is to promote photography and offer photos in formats and techniques adjusted and aligned with overall digital reality which surround us. In addition we would like to provide the best experience for our customers. Therefore, the selection of authors in Imprint Lumen is highly selective. It is essential for us to present a wide genre variety in both classical and contemporary photography.

This is as well an open call to all people who want to join us and offer their art work to art and photo lovers like us.

STORIES ARE MADE IN A MOMENT - Welcome to Imprint Lumen :-)
















Kindly and with sincere respect,
Saša Daničić, founder

Belgrade, January 2017.